Board Of Directors
  1. Genelyn Cervantes
    Genelyn Cervantes is a Filipina Artist.
  2. Dane E. Rose
    Dane Rose is an author, idealist, sculptor and landscape designer.
  3. Devang Patel
    Devang Patel is an experienced virtual assistant.
Mission Statement
Intelligence = the efficiency with which energy (time/money/natural resources) is transformed into well-being.

Our focus is identifying and disseminating data that has a high probability of increasing the intelligence of a given protocol by 1000% or more. Our core focus is facilitating micro-cultures of 30-150 people, discovering intelligent recipes for lifestyle and interactions and sharing this data, as well as the data that supports these results with as many people as want to learn from them. The interface of technology - particularly app, relationship and housing technology - and people is a key part of this.