10 X Individual Burial
Burial has been transformed by the funeral industry from something that fertilized the earth who gave us life to one of poisoning the air and/or earth in a variety of expensive and absurd protocols. For more on this watch: https://youtu.be/zcMj4Az1MwE.

There are three levels to your 10 X Burial:

1) Make sure your body does not cause harm:

  • Avoid distracting money from important arenas of human well-being when it cannot do your body any good.
  • Avoid creating smoke or toxic chemicals for ground water.
  • Avoid using hard-woods from rain-forests.

To see how two directors of Happiness Data have reached level #1 in a 10 X burial see our burial will here, which took less than 20 minutes to write.

2) Engage your friends/relatives in a ritual that will be healing for them:

  • Spell out the rituals that you believe would be most beneficial for those who live.
  • Design the rituals to release pent up energy that is locked in formation by such things as:
  • Secrets.
  • Stuffed emotions.
  • Unsaid things.
  • Should's and taboos that block truth.
  • Send your burial will to 2-15 people closest to you and insure that they have a chance to share the impact your preferences are likely to have on them, as well as encourage any unspoken things to be said.

3) Leave space for a clear beginning:

  • Say goodbye to the people that mattered to you and to the people for whom you matter by leaving the emotional charges released.
  • Give back shame/pain etc. that is not yours in meditation and take back the shame/pain/fear etc. that you asked others to carry because you could not deal with it at the time.
  • Based on what you believe would work best, write letters to people for them to read after your death or write and review them now.
  • As much as possible aim to end the relationship in such a way that you would have a clear space to begin a new relationship in some form without unresolved issues (this is particularly relevant if you believe in karma or reincarnation).

4) Make a will that directs your energy:

  • Consider how your money/things can be most effectively distributed to bring sustainable well-being.
  • Research a favorite non-profit project you would like to see grow.
  • Consider who would most enjoy things with sentimental value.
  • Clearly define who receives what to avoid conflict/confusion.

5) Make an archive that is educational and gives people a place to honor you easily that consumes little energy:

  • Consider an online library/archive for future generations:
  • Scan your diaries.
  • Take photos and videos of your things.
  • Talk about what you learned in this life (do this every year as an update so you can monitor your growth and so can your descendants).
  • Share what you would do differently living life over again.
  • Talk about inter-generational abuse and shame cycles so the next generation can spot them easily and know where they came from.
  • Give instructions on who has access to the online library when etc.
  • Create a 20 year prepaid site with clarity about how to renew it.