Cultural Transcendence Module
​​To assess your 10X status ask yourself "how many of these statements feel accurate in my life?" and make an action plan for the most important area you want to improve.
  • I know what a paradigm is and how deeply it influences our reality.
  • I can articulate the paradigms that are shaping our culture.
  • I can evaluate one paradigm's effectiveness at creating a desired reality relative to another paradigm's effectiveness.
  • I have travelled and spent more than a month in at least three distinct cultures.
  • I can articulate both the benefit and problems created by each culture I know.
  • I understand that statistics are a reflection of a probability field created by the environment people participate in, which is mostly culture.
  • I know how to design a culture from scratch that is predisposed to creating a desirable outcome statistically.
  • I do not identify automatically with my culture, having evaluated each cultural norm and assessed how much well-being that norm generates, relative to other options.