2019 Goals
Theme: Connecting, attuning and communicating and gathering.

1. Open a bank account./ Done already at Bank of Marin:
  • Set up online bill pay.
  • Link to Paypal.
  • Set up on the website so that all forms of payments can go to this account including check by phone.

2. Locate and train one person to work four hours a day who can oversee and
implement many of the larger integration of Happiness Data over time:
  • Mention need for volunteers on volunteer sites.
  • Meet and select a volunteer.
  • Create a daily reporting method.
  • Help them to recruit other volunteers and build a team.
  • Pay up to $200. per month for volunteers plus expenses.

3. Find a board-member to consult with to help grow Happiness Data:
  • Develop an advisory team that I can call to talk about things for HD.
  • Write to various people that could be useful and ask for help.
  • Consider a board position to anyone that becomes important.

4. Set up the website to adequately portray who we are:
  1. Update mission statement.
  2. Create graphics that show things visually – find a graphic artist to help.
  3. Create a living, colorful and pleasing site to engage with.
  4. Make it easy for people to participate with time.

5. Develop four frameworks that can secure funding:
  1. Dane will plan on funding everything through the year.
  2. Create a “community” framework with a weekly to yearly payment in exchange for access to the community.
  3. Develop three to seven grant proposals and submit for specific projects.
  4. Create a contract framework for work for a specific entity.
  5. Create a flow-through process where people can fund their own projects  
  1. using Happiness Data.

6. Build a Community: Create a relationship with 100 active people who participate
in some way:

  • Create a framework for people to do happiness research:
    • Self-portrait studies.
    • Small to large-group studies.
    • Measure happiness.
  • Create a useful online database that is fed from the web page.

7. Create part one of the Homeless Video for San Rafael:

  • Create the footage.
  • Edit the movie.
  • Find a local theater to present the movie.

8. Design and bid the app and seek funding for the well-being app in the $70k range.

Introducing the In Depth Focus of Happiness Data