The following are projects in various stages of completion.
Active Projects You can Help With:
10X Living
News for the Human Species
Equations for Well-being
Homeless In My Town
A Map of 10X Community Technology
Participate in Ending Homelessness in Marin.
The Global Well-Being Assessment
10X Festival with A Community Gift to the Species
Measuring the Relative Well-Being in All Countries.
Hypothesis: ​Measuring a goal objectively and systematically accelerates the objective...
Calling Artists to Collaborate
Well-being App
Contact with the District Attorney
Gather 10X Ideas
The Science of Fun and Math of Consciousness
Gather 10X Ideas Solicit and share great ideas by mentors. If you have an idea or a mentor you would like to represent click here .
Possible Projects to Develop:
Completed Projects:
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