The following are projects in various stages of completion.
Active Projects You can Help With:
10X Living
News for the Human Species
Invention and Ideas
Equations for Well-being
Calling Artists to Collaborate
A Map of 10X Community Technology
Videos that that explore meaningful life topics in-depth.
The Global Well-Being Assessment
10X Festival with A Community Gift to the Species
Measuring the Relative Well-Being in All Countries.
Hypothesis: ​Measuring a goal objectively and systematically accelerates the objective...
A Year of Well-Being
Homeless In My Town
Weekly Videos about Key Ideas for Well Being.
Participate in Ending Homelessness in Marin.
Well-being App
12 Rules for Life
Gather 10X Ideas
Contact with the District Attorney
Gather 10X Ideas Solicit and share great ideas by mentors. If you have an idea or a mentor you would like to represent click here .
Faces of the American Male Wound Documentary
Happiness Theory: Loneliness is created when we believe no one sees who we are. When we perceive that we are interacting with someone who sees a mask, rather than the...
Possible Projects to Develop:
Completed Projects:
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