Romantic Module
​​To assess your 10X status ask yourself "how many of these statements feel accurate in my life?" and make an action plan for the most important area you want to improve.
  • I know and welcome the sexual personas in me and my partner.
  • I feel sexually gratified, expressed and my partner feels the same.
  • I feel deeply loved by my self and my partner.
  • I am willing to change and become more in order to love my partner.
  • I can tell my partner anything in safety of being known.
  • I can listen to the full truth of my partner and be in service to their becoming.
  • We can structure a container that holds and supports the best in each of us.
  • We are growing at a rate of at least 5% positive change per week in the areas that matter to me.
  • We know why we are in this relationship and have a safety net in place in the form of an agreement for a healing ending.