Transcendence Module
​​To assess your 10X status ask yourself "how many of these statements feel accurate in my life?" and make an action plan for the most important area you want to improve.
  • ​​I have read three or more books that took me intimately into completely different worlds.
  • I have had a transcendent sexual/loving experience in which I felt myself as a different person and saw things from new perspectives as a result of that experience.
  • I have diverged four or more times consciously from the status quo and found it liberating (home-schooling, joined a community etc.).
  • I have had a profound psychedelic experience that led to changes in my life.
  • I am looking forward to dying well and what lies beyond.
  • I have experienced post-traumatic growth.
  •   I have immersed myself in three or more distinct cultures.

Hooray! Congratulations on coming this far against overwhelming cultural odds. This is a journey every individual can begin and most have a 20% odds of completing if you stick with it. The good news is it's even easier in community.