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Researchers for the following:

  • Community Location:
    • Places with free land in exchange for development
    • Land costs
    • Building codes and housing density
    • Permit costs
    • Land amenities
    • Cultural compatibility
    • Access to transportation:
  • Shipping costs:
  • Architectural designs:
  • Global community researcher and recruiter:
    • Contact members of global communities.
    • Ask them to document the highs and lows of their communities.
    • Invite them to participate in this project.
    • Accept new members from global communities.
  • Rituals to process emotions and their impact:
  • Toilet/septic Design:
  • Online business cash generation:
  • Immigration costs and protocols for worldwide members.
  • Recycling/waste researcher:
  • Energy researcher:
  • New technologies and useful applications. 
  • Water purification options.
  • Securing loans for $100k-5million in total, depending on the project.
  • Healthy food production ecologies.
  • Emergency response strategies:
    • Fire
    • Flooding
    • Electrical
    • Earthquake
Voice-over-narrator: Someone able to record high quality scripts/narration provided for media in a quiet location and supply the audio file.

Graphic artist: Someone able to render great visuals for the project.

Video editor/director: Someone able to piece various sources of media together on WeVideo - an online platform that hosts our data.

Traveling film creators: People able to capture relevant data and upload it to WeVideo for inclusion in various videos.

Online marketer: Someone who asks for, prepares and presents media on social platforms.

Artists: Creating art that contributes to the project or sharing rights of existing art and uploading it on drop-box for use in media.

App programmer: Someone who can help develop the app outlined:  https://www.10xliving.org/the-app

Website programmer of complex features to create a web version of this app:  https://www.10xliving.org/the-app

School and student recruitment: Someone who looks for ways students can both learn and participate in the projects.

For a wider list of roles in the community:  https://www.10xliving.org/roles

The Goals:

  • Create three good options for each of the above areas of research.
  • Create a 10 person core group that is committed to growing the ideas.
  • Build a wider community of people interested in the ideas being expressed.
  • Create a platform that allows each person to grow and develop in a way that makes them able and valuable members of the community if they choose.